All athletes (members) are COACHED in classes at established times.  To start you off, we will have you come in for a free Fitness Evaluation.  We will then direct you to the proper program that will best suit your needs (Basic, Foundations, Advanced). 

What You Get

Cardio Conditioning

Our Transformation and Basic programs will push you to your limits to help you increase your heart and lung capacity which is vital for overall fitness.  As your endurance develops you will feel your body and energy levels changing.

Nutrition & Diet

Good nutrition and diet is crucial to overall health and can do wonders.  Healthy eating reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes.  It also helps with mood, energy levels, sleep, weight management, and more.  Nutrional guidance is part of all of our programs here at Be 23 Fit!

  Weight Training

Strength and weight training will be brought into our Foundations class, and especially in our Advanced program.  As you train, you may see some changes in your body shape and energy levels, and weight management will become easier. Building muscle is also extremely valuable as we age so as to increase movement and strength longevity.

Core strength

Core strength is absolutely vital for preventing injuries, not only in weight training and exercise, but also throughout daily life.  As your core gets stronger, you will be able to perform movements and weight exercises with correct form.  (Improper movement form can cause severe trauma to your joints, muscles, and balance).


Increasing range of motion and flexibility is one of our main goals for our Transformation and Basics programs, as this aspect of fitness is also vital to injury prevention.

Agility & mind Training

Keeping your mind sharp is one of our biggest goals.  Through our conditioning and agility exercises you will build your mental capicity, coordination, balance, strength, reflexes, and endurance.

Our Programs

Be 23 Fit Transformation

Are you just getting started with your fitness journey, or trying to get back into it? This program is perfect for you. This is a 6 week program designed to start you off with the fundamentals, including building a stronger core and strengthening the heart.


The Basic program uses body weight movement, cardio, and some very light weighted equipment to accomplish three goals: 1) Increase your heart and Lung capacity, 2) Strengthen the core, 3) Increase range of motion in all joints.


While continuing to build cardio, core strength, and range of motion, you will be introduced to the 12 foundational movements and the queuing process coaches use to help correct form.


The advanced program will focus on establishing a balance between proper form and intensity in movements, and creating a sound foundation on nutritional principles of insulin reduction and adaptation of the body. Get ready for continuous improvement in and out of the gym.


Make every hour count

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