About Us

Our Mission is to:

Prepare every person physically and mentally for anything they face during the 23 hours they are not in the gym.

Our Vision is to:

Provide the programming, nutritional guidelines, and community of support absolutely required to live life to the fullest, and avoid chronic Illnesses and chronic pain associated with lifestyle

Our Philosophy

We Value:

​The Human Body as the most precious commodity, limitless in its capabilities and infinite in it’s value to each of us individually, our family’s, and our community. Taking care of our bodies through exercise, recovery, and proper nutrition, is not only a responsibility, but an opportunity.
Constant Improvement individually, starting from our own current, personal situation and capabilities. We push and persuade each individual at a k level appropriate for each person’s physical and mental  well-being.
Community​, built on the principle that each individual is great, of infinite value, and an inspiration to others.  We believe in an enviroment of continual praise with a touch of freindly competition while avoiding any form of gossip and belittling.
 Balance between Form and Intensity where intensity increase only as form improves, understanding constant improvement requires constant work on form and pushing our intensity just to the point where form starts to brake down always maintaining safety. 
Nutrition includes reducing the insulin levels caused by diets, by only including natural vegetables, fruits,  and meats. The principle of
Adaptation, requires variance in the diet, but never including high carb, high sugar processed foods. Learning the feelings and signals of  our bodies, like satiety, and only eating what is required by the body guides our nutrition plan.

Meet the Team

Coach Spencer

Coach Spencer

Founder and Head Coach

Jeremy’s deep passion to help people and his love of health and fitness have driven to reform his own thinking of how to treat his body. Lead by 15 years of coaching in sports, personal fitness and life, backed by the skill as a professional educator, Jeremy knows how to get athletes to push themselves to limits they never thought were possible. With a focus on building an individual’s self-worth and mental toughness, as well as, an undying adherence to physical alignment and structure, Jeremy will not only help you to transform your body, but your entire life. 


Make every hour count

Be 23 Fit


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